I love to say “I love you”


7 Responses to “I love to say “I love you””

  1. that’s Italian, right? been a while since I studied languages, but I can recognise a little of that 🙂

  2. yes, it is Italian…but I actually took this photo in Germany!

  3. Once you learn ‘amor’…. in any language, it just sticks.

    “Я люблю любить”

  4. great comment, my friend!

  5. oh so sweet, i know how to say “kisses” in six languages simply because I adore sending love…

    Chu Chu! (Japanese) same as “Muah Muah” in English,

  6. шри матаджи пришла один раз в мой сън и сказала мне я очен люблю тебя тъи буда. J.S.M.

  7. i am very new to this sahaja yoga but iam really happy to say that i have got my vibrations all over my body tingling sensation in fingers thanks to sahaja yoga

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